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Am I eligible to claim back PPI?

Can you claim back PPI

Claiming back PPI is not black and white but on the majority of cases it is likely that if you can show that you have been mis-sold the payment protection insurance you can likely get compensation for it and with the average PPI customer being able to reclaim £3000 from credit cards and loans it is well worth the investigation.

Any of these apply to you?

If you were mis-sold PPI claims then the chances are that one of these criteria applies to you, if so the PPI school can help!:

  • Did the bank or lender fail to tell you that having PPI was optional?
  • Did the bank or lender tell you that having PPI would help your application for credit?
  • Were you unemployed, self employed or retired at the point of sale?
  • Did the bank or lender neglect to tell you that you could get PPI elsewhere, from other suppliers?
  • Were the policy exclusions including back issues and stress related illnesses pointed out to you?

If any of these apply to you then the chances are that you are eligible to reclaim PPI, which on average would be £3000 per customer!