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So what is PPI?

What is Payment Protection Insurance?

Payment protection insurance or PPI for short is an insurance cover meant to cover the holder in the event of being unable to meet outstanding monthly payments to creditors on any form of financial product, like credit cards, loans or mortgages.

The insurance is designed to help the holder in a time of need though the product is thwart with problems such as the time period it covers, the hidden exclusions and the way in which it has been sold to those who do not need, want or could ever claim using the policy.

Do I have PPI?

Finding out if you have PPI is relativley simple, check your loan agreements or credit card statments to see if you have had PPI added to your account, you can also discover this by giving your financial supplier a call. The issue comes when it is hidden within the APR of your loan or credit card so you may have to dig deeper, the best thing to do is get in touch with one of our experienced agents who will run through a simple questionnaire with you and once you have agreed that we can act on your behalf we can do all the leg work for you and chase your lender for the compensation that you deserve.

Though this can take a while, all of the paperwork and conversations with banks takes time to process, the average compensation time is around 12-14 weeks but it is not unheard of for this to be 4-52 weeks.

How to claim PPI

Claiming PPI is as simple as giving us a call, we can do all the chasing for you on a no win no fee basis and using our in house processing team we can get all of the needed paperwork and evidence to support your claim quicker than most. Claiming is not an overnight thing but it is well worth the wait as the average compensation is at £3000 per customer, we have dealt with over one hundred thousand customers with a 89% success rate so we are the best placed company to take your claim on for you and succesfully gain you compensation.